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Orthotics can help correct a number of different issues with the feet. The podiatrist Dr. John McMahon Jr. at Adult & Child Foot & Ankle Care in Midlothian and Powhatan, Virginia can create custom Orthotics for each patient.

Orthotics Q & A

Who Needs Orthotics?

Orthotics are used for patients who have issues like foot pain, bunions, hammer toes, arch pain, heel pain, leg pain, knee pain, and other issues with the feet and ankles. When the feet and ankles have problems, the entire muscular-skeletal frame can suffer as a result. With the use of custom orthotics, patients are able to walk and move without pain again.

How do Orthotics Work?

Orthotics work by aligning the foot and ankle into the proper anatomical position. While orthotics appear much like insoles visually, that is the only similarity. A custom orthotic is a medical appliance that is made specifically for the individual patient. Orthotics are created individually using a 3D model of the patient's foot. A custom orthotic works to alleviate stress and strain. It can help redirect the foot as it makes the movements that cause damage and will gently correct the gait when a person is walking. Orthotics generally slide into shoes, but occasionally slightly larger shoes may be needed to accommodate the new orthotic device. For patients who regularly wear 2 very different types of footwear, an extra set of custom orthotics may be needed for the other pair of shoes as well.

Are Custom Orthotics Work Constantly?

The more that the custom orthotic devices are worn, the better they are able to correct the foot or ankle issues. Therefore, the podiatrist will typically recommend that the orthotics are worn whenever possible. In the initial adjustment period, the amount of daily wear may be reduced until the patient gets accustomed to the feeling of wearing the orthotics. Generally, orthotics are fairly easy to adjust to. However, some people do notice that it feels like their feet are high up in the shoes or that there is a little bit of pressure beneath the arches of the feet. These things are normal and will usually be quite easy to adjust to.

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