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A neuroma can cause considerable pain in the balls of the feet and beyond. The podiatrist, Dr. John McMahon Jr. at Adult & Child Foot & Ankle Care in Midlothian and Powhatan, Virginia can provide fast and effective treatment.

Neuroma Q & A

What is a Neuroma?

Neuromas are benign growths of nerve tissue. They are most often located in the flesh between the third toe and the fourth toe of the foot. Neuromas can cause pain and other uncomfortable symptoms and they do require professional treatment with a podiatrist.

What are the Symptoms of Neuroma?

Pain in the middle of the toes and in the balls of the feet while walking or running is a common symptom. Some people who suffer from neuroma even feel pain in the ball of the foot whenever they are standing, or when they put any weight on it at all. Many people also experience a burning feeling, a "pins and needles" sensation, or numbness in the ball of the foot and the toes. Many people say that a neuroma feels like always having a stone lodged in the shoe.

What Causes Neuromas to Develop?

The cause of a neuroma is not always known. However, some factors have been identified as possible contributors to neuroma formation. People with a biomechanical foot deformity, for example, flat feet or high arches, appear to have a higher chance to develop neuroma because flat feet and high arches both cause toe joint instability. Repeated stress to the feet, particularly to the toes, can lead to the development of a neuroma. People who regularly wear certain types of footwear may cause neuromas to develop. In particular, shoes with heels over 2 inches can squeeze the toes together and put too much pressure on the balls of the feet. Over time, this can lead to a neuroma.

How Can the Podiatrist Help With Neuroma?

The podiatrist can help with a neuroma in several ways. First, the severity of the neuroma must be determined. The earlier that neuroma is diagnosed, the easier it may be to have successful minimally invasive treatment. For a neuroma that is identified early, lifestyle corrections like a change of footwear or the use of custom orthotics may be sufficient. For more serious neuromas, surgical correction may be the best option. Surgery relieves pressure and pain because it removes the tumor entirely.

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