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People in the Midlothian and Powhatan, Virginia may suffer from Hammertoes, a condition in which the toes get painfully stuck. The podiatrist Dr. John McMahon Jr. at Adult & Child Foot & Ankle Care can help.

Hammertoes Q & A

What Are Hammertoes?

Hammertoes is a foot deformity that can include the second, third, or fourth toe. Hammertoes causes the toe to bend downwards from the center joint, making it look like a hammer. The toe then becomes stuck. Hammertoes doesn't go away on its own, so treatment with a skilled podiatrist is especially important for anyone who is showing symptoms of hammertoes.

Why Do Hammertoes Happen?

Hammertoes happen most often in people who wear improperly fitting shoes, particularly those who wear very tightly fitting shoes. Muscle imbalance may also be a cause of hammertoes. Arthritis may also be a cause of hammertoe since it impacts the joints. No matter why the hammertoe happens, the vast majority of hammertoe cases are treatable.

What are the Symptoms of Hammertoes?

The most obvious indicator is visual. When toes curl downwards at the joint rather than pointing ahead, hammertoes is a likely reason. Many people who have hammertoe experience pain in the toes, and it is not unusual for people with hammertoes to develop calluses or corns atop their toes.

How are Hammertoes Treated?

The treatment for hammertoes depends on the specific patient and the symptoms they are suffering. For many people, a change in footwear can be very helpful. Roomy shoes that allow plenty of room for the toes are important for people who suffer from hammertoes. Special straps, cushions, and non-medicated pads for corns may also be helpful in alleviating symptoms. Many patients find that custom orthotic devices provided by their podiatrist are very helpful in managing symptoms and in preventing the condition from worsening. While many cases of hammertoes can be successfully resolved with conservative treatments, there may be times that surgical correction is the best solution, particularly for people who have very painful and rigid toes that are locked into position.

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