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Bunions are painful and difficult to deal with, but there is hope. The podiatrist Dr. John McMahon Jr. at Adult & Child Foot & Ankle Care in Midlothian and Powhatan, Virginia can treat Bunions with effective treatments that will provide relief.

Bunions Q & A

What is a Bunion?

Bunions are bone deformities that happen when the metatarsophalangeal joint (the joint at the bottom of the big toe) becomes enlarged. This enlargement often causes the big toe to gravitate inward towards the other toes and can cause considerable friction and pain.

Who Gets Bunions?

Most people who suffer from bunions are female. This may be because high heels and any tightly fitting shoes can form bunions. However, both men and women can develop bunions. As much as one-third of all people in Western countries have bunions today. There may be a family factor, as well. If a person's parents suffered from foot structure issues, they are more likely to have issues themselves. This may result in the formation of bunions along with other feet and ankle issues.

How Are Bunions Treated?

A bunion is a bone deformity, and it will not go away on its own. In fact, bunions only tend to worsen if they are not dealt with properly. Bunion treatment is best handled by an experienced podiatrist. The goal of treatment is first to alleviate pain and pressure, and then to keep the bunion from growing any larger. Custom orthotic devices, protective padding, and splints may all be used in bunion treatment. Patients with corns and calluses may have bunion symptom improvement when any corns and calluses are removed from the foot. The podiatrist may also recommend a change in footwear, particularly the elimination of tight-fitting shoes if at all possible. Custom exercises may help preserve joint mobility and prevent stiffening of the joint. If none of the non-invasive or minimally invasive options provide sufficient relief, bunion surgery may be an option. An experienced podiatrist can correct bunions surgically in a bunionectomy. This surgery alleviates bunion problems by removing the bunions and then realigning the big toe properly.

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