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An Ankle Fracture can cause considerable pain for Midlothian and Powhatan, Virginia residents. Adult & Child Foot & Ankle Care have podiatrist Dr. John McMahon Jr. can help with effective treatment right away.

Ankle Fracture Q & A

What is an Ankle Fracture?

An ankle fracture is a break in the tibia (the shin,) the fibula, or both. Ankle fractures may be complete breaks or only partial breaks, and they include the distal (far) ends of the bones. The tibia is on the inner part of the leg while the fibula is on the outer part of the leg. A less severe ankle fracture may involve only tiny pieces of bone being separated from the tibia or the fibula. A very serious ankle fracture may involve shattering of many different parts of the tibia, the fibula, or both.

Why Do Ankle Fractures Occur?

Ankle fractures are most often the result of the ankle twisting too far in one direction, either towards the body or away from the body. The movement causing the fracture is typically a very sudden one. For example, a person who is stepping off a curb onto the street may lose their balance, causing a very sharp twist as the foot hits the street. This, in turn, can cause a fracture in the ankle. All types of accidents, including sports accidents, are a common reason for ankle fractures today.

How Can an Ankle Fracture Be Recognized?

An ankle fracture commonly causes pain, which may radiate from the foot as high up as the kneecap. Most people who have a fractured ankle have trouble walking normally, but this is not always the case. In minor fractures, the patient may still be able to bear weight on the ankle. A fractured ankle will usually show some swelling, often a significant degree of swelling, in the ankle area. The swelling can continue up the leg as well. Bruising is often seen in ankle fractures, and blisters may sometimes form over the ankle area as well.

How is an Ankle Fracture Treated?

It depends on the severity of the fracture. Rest is an important part of recovery, regardless of the severity of the fracture. Many ankle fractures can be treated with splints or casts. However, severe fractures may require a surgical correction by an experienced podiatrist.

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