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Achilles Tendonitis can be very painful and difficult for many patients. Adult & Child Foot & Ankle Care in the Midlothian and Powhatan, Virginia, has Dr. John McMahon Jr., who is an experienced and caring podiatric medicine doctor who's ready to help.

Achilles Tendonitis Q & A

What is Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is an injury impacting the Achille's tendon. This tendon connects the muscles of the lower leg (the calf muscles) with the heel. Achilles tendonitis is an injury that occurs with overuse of the tendon. It is common in people who are very physically active.

Why Does Achilles Tendinitis Occur?

Achilles tendonitis usually happens because of persistent overuse of the Achille's tendon. This is often seen in runners, particularly in runners who have recently started a more intense running routine or who have lengthened their daily runs considerably. Achilles tendonitis may also occur in nearly any other situation where over-pronation (excessively rolling the foot inwards when it lands) occurs. Something as simple as improper footwear can cause Achilles tendonitis. People who have a deformity in the heel bone may also be prone to Achilles tendonitis. Also, some people are born with short Achilles tendons, which can raise the odds of developing Achilles tendonitis.

How is Achilles Tendonitis Treated?

The treatment for Achilles tendonitis can vary according to the patient and their particular symptoms and needs. Part of the treatment is often lifestyle changes as recommended by an experienced Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Patients may be cautioned to avoid hills or other situations where they are constantly moving upwards, as this puts extra stress on the Achille's tendon. Runners may be told to lower the total amount of miles that they run. Most people with Achilles tendonitis will benefit from a stretching program that the podiatrist will demonstrate and explain. In some patients, orthotics can be an important part of the healing process. In severe cases, the best option may be surgical correction. The podiatrist and the patient can work together to determine which treatment path will be the most effective one for their particular situation.

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